Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Farewell

Another anime that has just ended its first season. Closing its legacy with the 12th episode, I have to admit it had been so much fun following this series.

What  I love the most about this series is that it portrayed the girls so well. Each one has a distinctive personality which is a good thing. Make me wonder, who should I pick if I were given a chance to choose one to date.

Despite its a bit “adult” content, it’s still “save” to watch. If you’re already into anime for a long time of course. Well, pants, bra, and other underwear is definitely not a normal daily consumption outside the vast world of anime.

I like how the series exposed the life of mangaka from a more parodic point of view.  Sometimes, I don’t get the joke, but guess that can’t be helped since the cultural difference is always there. I hope if they somehow decided to make the second season, the jokes could flow more smoothly and easier to digest though.

Well, not much to say, a good series. If you’re somehow interested in mangaka-themed anime, you might want to check out BAKUMAN. Until then, I’ll finish the Ghost In The Shell SAC 2nd GIG since I’m really into it lately, I have two weeks of holiday to spend afterall.


Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou’s Farewell

Best Opening song of the season.

Oh well, it has been a long time since I’ve posted thing here. I’ve been busy with my real life, and nothing inspired me to write. Inspiration isn’t something you can buy conveniently at store afterall. Let’s skip the chit chat that won’t bring you any good.

So, I’ve just finished watching the 12th episode of the first season of Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou. I don’t plan on being sentimental about it but I’ll really miss them. Ritsu’s cuteness, Usa’s honesty, Shiro’s absolute M, Sayaka and Mayumi-san complexes, and of course the wise yet sharp-tongued landlady. The jokes, the sarcastic, the warmness, I still couldn’t believe that such a simple setting would be able to bring such an enjoyment that force me to ask for more and faithfully waiting for the next episode.

Well, this season successfully delivered some really good anime, and Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou is undoubtedly one of them. Considering that an anime would need at least one year for the second season to come, guess I’ll wait and see for what the next season offers.

Until then,, guess I should go back to my Math teaching books.

The Sky Crawlers’s Review

Thunder, thunder, thundercats… Upps, wrong show 😀

Another film by Mamoru Oshii. Known for his philosophy-story telling, The Sky Crawlers thankfully isn’t as complex as his other work, the worldwide phenomenon Ghost In The Shell.

As a whole, the movie itself is so-so. No over the top machinery or city buildings could be found here. Well, it’s a drama flick as I said earlier, guess there’s not much room for that. The story itself is mostly sob, even though the whole atmosphere can be considered as mild and light, thanks to the calm color tone that mostly consisted of blue, white, grey and brown.  That kind of color tone and screenplay might be something new and challenging for Oshii san I guess.

The aircraft design is really intriguing, with WWII aircraft as its basic design, it should be able to attract the aircraft fans interest. The battle, especially the dogfight scenes were fun to watch. The last air battle however isn’t as epic as I thought it would be. Despite the fact that they didn’t use much lines here, and most of the lines sounded “normal”, I like how the characters have “depth” in them. The facial expression was a bit stiff but somehow they could express themselves so well. Again, that’s what you could at least expect from a worldclass director.

The Kildren however caught my attention, human who can’t get old and can be “reproduced”. The term gave the movie a sci-fi touch. What’s more, the complexity, dealing with sosial, moral, and emotional issues surrounding the Kildren’s life, put more twists to the story than I expected. At least, that’s what I felt while watching the last part.

For some people, The Sky Crawlers might look like a boring and “flat” movie. However, if you have watched Oshii san’s previous works before, you might see it as a totally fresh and out of box one. I just want to warn you, do not ever start watching it with high expectation, and you’ll be surprised by how “mature” the movie is.

Well, this fighter-pilot drama flick undoubtedly brought elements that’s definitely Oshii’s. If you’re expecting an action packed film, just skip this one.

Last but not least, what’s with all those smoking scenes?

No Game No Life’s So Far

Six episodes so far, this surprisingly full of scientific related things anime had taken over the throne from Black Bullet. Now, it’s undoubtedly the strongest candidate to be the season’s best.

Started off like a big time jokes series, No Game No Life has proved itself to be the most complex and well written series this season offered. The concept of challenging God that would likely enable the winner to take over the world, no, the whole universe, is totally cool. Many new games appeared that mostly “out of this world” were intriguing. How the heroes won over them is even more intriguing.

As I mentioned earlier, many scientific related therms were used. Mathematics, Physics, Biology, History, Geography etc, this series almost covered them all. The way those terms presented were pretty clever too. Many people, especially those involved in educational field, would probably agree with me that they should have done this kind of things in classes to keep the students attracted. I’m a math teacher and mathematics have always been an inevitable part of my life, but I’m still surprised how mathematics could look so cool in an anime.

Well now, as the Imanity’s last hope, how the duo will survive those absolute law-created by god-games of life? Stay tuned!

My Anime Watching List Update


It has been about one and half moths since the season started, and now guess I’d like to share what’s there in my updated list :

The anime from previous season that I decided to keep on watching :

1. Tonari no Seki-kun

2. Yowamushi Pedal

3. Ace of Diamond

4. Nisekoi

and from this season :

5. Baby Steps

6. Bokura wa minna kawaisou

7. Haikyuu!!

8. Hero Bank

9. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure ~Stardust Crusaders~

10. Majin Bone

11. Ping Pong The Animation

12. Mangaka-san to Assitant-san to

13. No Game No Life

14. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

And here’s the list of what I decided to stop watching :

1. Kenzen Robo Daimidaler, since I hate the women exploitation that got worse here and I prefer waiting for the uncensored version, wait, that sounds ironic, doesn’t it?

2. Black Bullet, since it lacks the charm the initial episodes brought, the animation became worse, the pace is getting slower and the plot were not developed as I expected, that’s kind of very subjective though.

3. Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro, since he keeps on being such a jerk, and the bad animation had really got into me.

That’s it, the list however is not absolute since it can be changed easily, except for the ones I decided to stop watching.

Until then, I’m going to find some good old references.

Ben-To Review

Welcome to the world of Ben-To, where the supermarket is a sacred battleground for everyone freely and wholeheartedly battle each other out. Only those with strong will to fight and survive could be the victor and are able to claim the medal of honor, the half-prized bento .

Okay, I admit that anime, especially the comedic ones, have presented many interesting, fresh and unique yet weird ideas to blow your mind. But, seriously, fighting each other out for a bento? Never saw that coming.

Back to the anime, what most outstanding about this anime is the fighting scene. It’s kind of “out of world”, but that’s what cool about it. Fast punching, kicking while doing acrobatics jumps, love it. Sometimes, it reminded you of those popular arcade fighting game. As the main theme, the bento is very well drawn. It looks pretty delicious that it makes you drooling over it. I dig how they depicted many kinds of bento, as well as their calorie intake too. Looks like someone did the job seriously.

The jokes, drama, and fanservice are so-so. Nothing special. The plot is predictable, and so either the twist. Most of the characters are lacking in depth, they’re just like going out, doing their job and passing by without clear motive or background. That makes them forgettable. The music however, is fun to listen, especially when a battle’s happening. The bright color tone used here match the whole light-mild atmosphere too.

Well, if you are in for some cool fighting and cute girls to kill some time, this one is a perfect match for you.

Kra’s Satahinato Review


Have been in the scene since 2001, Kra proved their “maturity” as one of the PS Company’s band with this release.

In term of skill, I’ve got nothing to complain. Well, I’ve been listening to Kra since last year, that’s enough time for me to declare that they really know how to make music. However, what impressed me most about this album is how experimental their songs are. Take the first track, Boukaku no Aria as an example. It has a very strong indie feel to it, mix-matching pop, rock, jazz, in one song isn’t something which can be done easily. They successfully made it through.

I love how the Vocalist showed off his vocal-range too. Throughout the album, he creatively changed the way he sings by utilizing deep operatic, light cheerful pop, and an even calm and charming ballad voice. The way he sang in Kuchuu blanco and Hohoemi no Souretsusha, especially surprised me the most. His vocal there somehow reminded me of the late Isshi (Kagrra,). Good job.

As a whole, Satahinato is one pretty solid album. I dig how each songs sound differently. The darker atmosphere which is a bit out of their usual light and cheerful tone is another good thing I found here.

Intriguing album, this kind of release is what makes me stick into Visual Kei 😀